Organization and Policy

The ultimate responsibility for decision-making lies with the board of the Foundation. The board delegates tasks, responsibilities and projects to an executive team. The organization works with a layered structure, where a top-down and bottom-up approach complement each other. Using this method, the ideation and decision-making process is supplemented in a responsible manner by an innovative and engaged process of working together by (partially) paid employees and volunteers who can learn, grow and prosper together with the organization. This model will continue to develop with the growth of the organization.

We want to embody the change that we want to see in the world by integrating head, heart and hands into the work of the Foundation.

The Friends of Stop Ecocide is a community of people who share the same mission. This group will consist of sponsors who are involved with the Foundation’s work in an active or passive way to contribute to the goals of the organization (e.g. fundraising, lending of specific skills and network). Finally, we have theĀ Advisers/Ambassadors. These are individuals, including experts and renowned people, who help the Foundation with recognition, advice and/or other forms of support.


The Foundation depends on sponsors and funds. For specific projects, we look for matching funds. The assets are managed with the help of an accountant. The directors of the Foundation receive no benefit. The Foundation is not for profit, all income is spent in line with the goals of the Foundation.