In 1 sentence

In order to restore our relationship with nature, the Stop Ecocide Foundation is working to raise awareness, coordinate support for, and ultimately actualize a legal duty of care for the earth.


Stop Ecocide Foundation wants to restore harmony between humans and ecosystems worldwide in order to create a safe future for current and future generations.


We want to stop and prevent large-scale damage to ecosystems by creating an international legal duty of care for the earth.


An ecocide law is a relatively simple but powerful system change; one law has the potential to effectively address fundamental global problems. Ecocide, destroying ecosystems, must be punishable just as genocide, war crimes and crimes of aggression are already punishable.

There has been talk about ecocide since 1972. The Rome Statute is the basis of the International Criminal Court in The Hague.  One head of state can propose ecocide legislation as an amendment to this Statute, after which a majority of countries must agree.  Support for ecocide legislation is important for broad agreement.   Because small, vulnerable states such as low-lying island countries have a vote, this is a feasible goal.


  • Increasing knowledge and support among lawyers and the public by organizing events and public debate.  Examples are research, political lobby, debates, symposia and public events.
  • Building bridges between organizations and political parties that ultimately pursue the same goal:  a liveable world and therefore a viable future for everyone.
  • Promoting support among the international business community and institutional investors for the introduction of ecocide legislation, so that a level playing field for companies and nature and environmental protection is achieved.
  • The (co-) organization of an international NGO campaign which is supported by millions of people, with the aim that more than 80 countries which are members of the International Criminal Court are or become proponents of ecocide legislation. This includes promoting membership by countries that benefit from ecocidal legislation and garnering their approval for ecocide legislation.