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  • economy, growth, fare share

    A fair share in environmental space

    This is a discussion of a concept by which assessing earth’s natural resources can be used to recommend consumption patterns which ensure sustainable development as well just distribution of resources world wide. This article has previously been published in SHARE INTERNATIONAL VOL. 17, NO. 6-JULY I AUGUST 1998. At Stop Ecocide we have

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  • klimaatparade

    Time for action

    De tegenlicht uitzending Advocaat van de Aarde van 15 november heeft vele mensen geïnspireerd, waardoor de campagne van Polly Higgins voor een internationaal verbod op ecocide van alle kanten steun ontving. Zo heeft de Partij voor de Dieren in de Tweede Kamer een motie ingediend om ecocide strafbaar te stellen. Ook

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  • protect restore world's forests

    Restore and protect the world’s forests

    Leora Rosner is the founder and director of the Growing Air Foundation. Recently she has approached us via our Facebook page with the request to help her to get signatures for the petition to restore and protect the world’s forests. At Stop Ecocide we are always enthusiastic about initiatives to restore

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  • ecocide law

    Ecocide law can take the world to a better place

    Scottish Earth lawyer Polly Higgins (1965) hugs me as if we’re old friends. For years she has been advocating for an ecocide law which would make the mass destruction of ecosystems the fifth international crime against peace alongside genocide. Higgins speaks quickly with a warm voice, shifting easily between laughter

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  • Learning from Nature - Interface FLOR

    Doing business with a promise for the future

    Recently I researched into the business culture and innovation processes of Interface, Inc. at the Dutch/European head office in The Netherlands. To me Interface is one of a kind story about an organization that transformed itself from a highly polluting industrial company into a leading and inspiring example for the

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